Open Call for Submissions Announced by Gallery of Photography Ireland x Junior Magazine

Reported by Muireann Walsh.
Gallery of Photography

(c) Andreas Pauly. Gallery of Photography Ireland in 2012.

The launch of a brand new photography project calls on fresh Irish talent to submit work for a 6-month long exhibition.

To celebrate the recent opening of their Osman Suite in Temple Bar, the Gallery of Photography has joined forces with the Dublin-based photo journal Junior Magazine to promote a 6-month long exhibition and project space. This exciting collaboration will call on photographers from all around Ireland to submit work for the showcase.

In an effort to explore the diverse terrain of contemporary photography in Ireland, artists will be asked to provide work based around the theme of ‘Irish-ness’. This subject leaves space for budding photographers to contribute personal stories and experiences of what living in Ireland and being Irish is in today’s world.

Limited edition photographic prints will also be sold with every successful photograph to be printed and framed in the Gallery of Photography’s Artist Digital Suite at no cost to the artist.


The Submission Guidelines:

Photographers are required to submit a maximum of 5 photographs (preferably from one specific project) in the format of low-res JPEGS (1000px on the long side, sRGB, 72dpi). The applications must also be accompanied by a 250-word description of the work. Any submissions that fail to adhere to these requirements will not be considered.

For those wishing to submit work to the exhibition, applications must be sent to and the deadline is the 14th of October 2017.


In addition to the exhibition, there will be a number of meet-ups and workshops organised by Junior Magazine and the Gallery of Photography for emerging photographers to build a base, cultivate their craft and meet other members of the photography community as they begin to determine the direction they wish their passion to take.

The passion and energy behind this enthusiastic collaboration highlight the bright future of contemporary photography which is distinctly Irish, not to mention the invaluable experience for photographers, young and old, to broaden the horizons of their future careers.


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