Five Irish Female Modernists You Should Know

Mainie Jellett 'Fear Not Mary'

Mainie Jellett ‘Fear Not Mary’

Mainie Jellet: Jellet’s abstract works focus on patterns of rhythm, line and colour. She often used religious themes to make her Cubist style more acceptable to conservative Irish audiences of the 1920s who saw her work as puzzling and even “sub human,”.

Evie Hone 'The Jesuit Saints'

Evie Hone ‘The Jesuit Saints’

Evie Hone: A stained glass artist whose window Green Fields now hangs in Irish government buildings. She trained with Jellet in France; the geometric patterning in the backgrounds of her windows reflects this Cubist influence.

Mary Swanzy 'Le Village'

Mary Swanzy ‘Le Village’

Mary Swanzy: Strongly influenced by Post-Impressionist Paul Cézanne, Swanzy experimented with shape, form and patterning.

Nano Reid 'Bathers at Mornington'

Nano Reid ‘Bathers at Mornington’

Nano Reid: Best known as a painter of abstracted landscapes, Reid used a very limited colour range in her expressive works. She was also a figure painter and a portraitist. Reid represented Ireland alongside Norah McGuiness in the 1950 Venice Bienalle.


Norah McGuinness: The painter and illustrator was influenced by her travels to Paris and India, resulting in a vivid use of colour in her semi-abstract paintings. Her illustrative work includes collections of stories by W.B. Yeats and a novel by Elizabeth Bowen.


One response to “Five Irish Female Modernists You Should Know

  1. I just reblogged your post. I have a book on 40 female Irish artists. Apart from Jennifer Duffy the above ladies are included. It is very interesting and I like the pictures.

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