Five Street Artists Who Aren’t Banksy

Art does not confine itself to the museum. It has, in recent years, moved past the walls of the institution to inhabit the lives of the public on a daily basis. In what may be described as the “Banksy effect” guerrilla artworks been cropping up all over the globe, causing the public to stop and reconsider their engagement with their daily surroundings. Here are five artists who prove that street art is more than just mindless vandalism.


Above: Californian artist Above is known for large-scale, multi-coloured stencils. Spotted in over 100 cities around the world, his work seeks to interact with the urban environment and challenge the viewer to re-evaluate their surroundings. He often addresses controversial issues, focusing particularly on financial greed and politics.


Electric Puppet: New York based street artist Electric Puppet was originally inspired by a dull commute to add humour to daily life in the city, placing a paper stripper on a pole of the subway train. This has grown into a collection of characters that have popped up throughout cities all over the world.


SpY: Hailing from Madrid, SpY challenges the perception of the city dweller by a playful re-appropriation of urban elements. His work seeks to inspire both a thought and a smile.


Hyuro: Argentinian street artist Hyuro creates honest and intimate artworks reflecting themes of human identity, analysing human emotions through the characters she creates. She is currently based out of Valencia, Spain, but her work can be seen in countries all over the world.


Vhils: Portuguese-born Alexandre Farto is a classically trained artist who operates under the pseudonym Vhils, creating stunning artworks by scratching off the surfaces of buildings using a power drill and a chisel.

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