What’s On in Dublin: Summer 2017

By Ciara Kummert.

National Gallery of Ireland

Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 17.10.07

This exhibition explores the intricate network of relationships between Vermeer and Dutch genre painters of the period 1650 to 1675. It gives visitors an insight into how Vermeer and his contemporaries admired, inspired and rivalled each other through their paintings.  There is also a full programme of talks, tours and special events to complement the exhibition, the information of such on their website.

Tickets are  €10 concession, otherwise €15, and free for Friends of NGI. Pre-booking is advised.

17 June – 17 September 2017


Molesworth Gallery

Gareth Reid


Image credit: Gareth Reid

The Northern Irish artist who was awarded the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year prize exhibits his work in the Molesworth Gallery. Soft brushstrokes give his imaginative work a dreamy and hazy character.

Admission is free of charge.

June 2017



Freud Project 2016 – 2021

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 13.12.17

Image credit: The Athenaeum

50 works by the realist painter Lucian Freud are on display. Personally close with many of his subjects, Freud is known for the intimacy of his portraits and his fine representation of personality.

Admission is free of charge for students.

21 October 2016 – mid October 2017


Kerlin Gallery

Paul Winstanley, Faith after Saenredam and Other Paintings


Image credit: Paul Winstanley

The Manchester-born artist Winstanley paints from photographs, usually of ones captured by himself. The artist, whose preferred subject matter is semi-public spaces, is known for his modernist treatment of pictorial elements.

Admission is free of charge.

20 May – 1st July 2017


Project Arts Centre

Colourless Green ideas sleep furiously


Image credit: Project Arts Centre

The exhibition explores how 24 works of art purchased in the 1920’s by a British diplomat in Istanbul came to be housed in the National Gallery of Ireland. The exhibition explores the ideas emanating from this story, of countries dissolved and populations dispersed, meditating on the role that arts plays in the times of upheaval.

Admission is free of charge.

21 April 2017 – 10 June 2017


Green on Red Gallery

Painting NOW

42. Niamh McCann. Green on Red. VOLTA12. Basel 2016

Image credit: http://www.chrisdennisart.com

An exhibition of work by artists from the gallery including John Cronin, Mary FitzGeraldDamien Flood, Mark Joyce, and Ramon Kassam,  the diversity of approaches is brought startlingly to light.  Different materials on different surfaces show how paintings can inhabit the architecture with variety and ingenuity. For example, Niamh McCann evokes themes of flight, escape, adventure and persecution, against the backdrop of harrowing, brutal facts of 20th century Europe.

Admission is free of charge.

25 May 2017 – 22 July 2017


The Hugh Lane

Frank O’Meara and Irish Artists Abroad


This exhibition shows the work of Irish artists who travelled abroad and were influenced by en plein air painting. A recently-acquired rare self-portrait by O’Meara hangs in the space, alongside paintings of artists such as William Frederick Osborne.

Admission is free of charge.

13 February 2017 – 11 June 2017

Colours of the Wind: Ariadne’s Thread 


Image credit: Anne Madden

One of the brighter exhibitions to visit this summer, Anne Madden’s abstracted landscapes in the Hugh Lane see imaginative and emotional responses to place and memory. Her colour-saturated paintings are imbued with symbolic potency, dwelling on the complexities of the natural order and the tragedy of existence.

Admission is free of charge.

1 June 2017 – 10 September 2017


Chester Beatty

The Art of Friendship: Japanese Surimono Prints


Image credit: The Chester Beatty Library

This presentation of Surimono prints marks the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ireland and Japan. The word Surimono translates as ‘printed thing’. The works on display are products of the Edo period literary culture in Japan.

Admission is free of charge.

3 March 2017 – 27 August 2017


Temple Bar Gallery and Studios

Camille Norment


Image credit: designboom

Norment’s display of work includes installations, drawings, performance and video. Her work emphasises the relationship between the viewer and the object and “how” we look. The Norwegian artist integrates her experience in music, dance and the arts.  

Admission is free of charge.

30 June – 2 September 2017

Additional reporting by Anastasia Wrenn.

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