Trinity Arts Festival: 24 – Review


As part of Trinity Arts Festival, 30 staff and student were given cameras to document a day in their lives. Irene Ho and Rachel Botha, organisers of the event alongside Caitriona Sheil, tell us about the experience.

Staff and students of Trinity were invited to take a disposable camera and document a typical college day, beginning with the moment they woke up and ending exactly 24 hours later.

The aim of this event was to highlight the diversity of experiences in the College, and we were overwhelmed with the number of responses we received from people all over campus. We had participants from almost every faculty from Medicine to Drama Studies, including several international and mature students and those based off-campus in placement in offices and hospitals. We were delighted to have several members of staff involved in this project; their participation gave us a refreshing glimpse into Trinity beyond student experience.

The results highlighted both positive and negative aspects of college life – from making new friends as a Junior Freshman and the struggle of making it to class after a night out, to the difficulties facing students such as this year’s accommodation crisis and a shortage of services for those with disabilities.

The photos were exhibited on TAF Thursday, accompanied by a string quartet and an impromptu speech from the ever-colourful Joseph O’Gorman. Special thanks to Conns Cameras and the staff the Arts Block Café.

17 7


All images by TAF: 24 participants. Click to enlarge.

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